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If it happens to him this is totally normal. The device does a reseteo of all his functions whenever the thermometer is ignited for an ideal functioning of the same ones for what in the first moment the symbol of battery will appear. If this one is kept after used or if the screen turns out to be blurry replace her by a battery newly.

The time of normal measurement is of approximately 4 min, nevertheless, it can last slightly more depending on the time of measurement.

Try to replace all the batteries by the new some. When the batteries are spent the tensiómetro it does not have the sufficient force to swell up itself correctly. If the problem persists contact us by our mail form below these lines.

The activity of the brush realizes across an audible sign that it provokes different sounds: a sound every three seconds indicates the functioning of the unit (60-90V); the short one, is a sharp sound every 0.5 seconds that the contact indicates with the intruder (130-180V). That is to say, while operate with the unit, the warning LED will remain flushed and a ‘beep’ will sound every three seconds. The sound will become short and rapid, sounding three times per second when a louse or an egg is detected. The unit will detect what the battery is low if the voltage that is issued is lower of the normal one, for what the warning LED will realize a short winking two times and long and rapid one. In addition the acoustic sign will sound during 30 seconds until it goes out automatically.

Not; the electrical comb does not use if the hair is humid, he presents snarls or braids.

Our test of pregnancy has a sensibility of 20 IU/ml and is capable of detecting the pregnancy with the first loss of the period. 


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