Electric Lice Comb

  • Effectively removes nits and lice
  • LED indicator
  • Tone indicator
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Head lice are tiny, wingless insects. When fully grown, they’re similar in size to a sesame seed. Because they can’t survive the cold, they cling to our hair, keeping close to the warmth of our heads.

Head lice are harmless -Through they can cause your child’s head to itch. Head lice have been making a nuisance of themselves for thousands of years. Fortunately, getting rid of them nowadays need only take a ten minute treatment time!

The electric lice comb is one viable option to consider in the quest of eradicating head lice so they will stop spreading through your family member’s hair and scalp. It is certainly no secret that an infestation of lice can make life difficult for everyone in the household, but thanks to modern technology -an electric lice comb, the process of getting rid of these pests can be just a bit easier.

The electric lice comb uniquely can not only dispel but also efficiently kill the exist head lice and nits with a quickly increasing electrical voltage of 130-180 Volts, which is imperceptible and harmless to human.

Comb activity is indicated by an audible signal, which provides different sounds : one sound per three seconds indicates the functional unit (60-90V) ; the short, sharp buzzer 1 second sound per 0,5 second indicates the contact with the intruder (130-180V).

Incomparable brilliant indicator setting in the On/Off switch button : different level of scintillations for distinguish the functional and low battery.

Automatic switch off function

Usage lasting 5 minutes without work loading, the unit will switch off automatically for extending the battery life.

Low battery indication, the unit will detect the battery if the voltage is lower than normal working voltage, LED indicator will glitter twice shorter, once longer quickly; the buzzer will sound continuously for 30 seconds till switching off automatically.

Impeccable design for contenting the accessories inside the main appliance, portable and suitable for travel, without the inquietude of missing the supplied accessories.

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